Try Easy

Parlour tricks It is said that F M Alexander kept a large, heavy looking suitcase in his teaching room, which he would sometimes use to demonstrate a very important idea. Allegedly, he would ask a student to do him a huge favour by moving this case out of the way. The student would take hold… Continue reading Try Easy

Concentration (true)

Alexander vs. the ‘mainstream’ – part 3(c) In recent posts, we have been looking more closely at the concept of concentration and the “unusual condition of the body” that almost everyone adopts when they think they’re concentrating. We also looked at some of the reasons why Alexander objected to concentration even if it was done… Continue reading Concentration (true)

Concentration (actual)

Alexander vs. the ‘mainstream’ – part 3(b) I suggested in my last post that Alexander’s writings describe at least three different kinds of activities that go by the name of “concentration” (You can read that post here). So, today we find ourselves in the middle of a trilogy of concentration articles. (Like all good trilogies, I… Continue reading Concentration (actual)

Devoted to doing

Alexander vs. the mainstream, part 2. Last time, I began exploring the theme of mainstream ideas that stand in the way of the general acceptance of Alexander’s work.  It was true for Alexander and it’s still true for us today that we have to fight our corner in the face of persistent, compelling, widely accepted… Continue reading Devoted to doing

Gravity is innocent

Alexander vs. the mainstream, part 1 As I may have mentioned in a previous post, when I explain to someone the nature of the problem that Alexander identified, and the nature of his solution to that problem, it makes complete sense to them. Logical, simple, easily demonstrated to anyone who wants to know.  This raises… Continue reading Gravity is innocent

What’s a “primary control” and why should I care?

Alexander’s new toy. In most conventional Alexander Technique schools, you will encounter a concept known as “primary control”. This is a term that Alexander introduced into his teaching in the 1930’s and used extensively in his book The Use of The Self, published in 1932. The phrase also appears in a modified form in The… Continue reading What’s a “primary control” and why should I care?